2014 Community Health Institute & Expo

Session Room
August 22-26, 2014
Manchester Grand Hyatt 
San Diego, CA


Registration for the 2014  Community Health Institute (CHI) will be available in the next few months. Please check back for more information

Community Health Institute (CHI) & EXPO is THE largest and most important annual gathering of 2000 community health center managers, clinicians, employees, board members and leaders. Every aspect of the community health center movement is represented and fully-vested at CHI, making it an excellent networking opportunity. CHI provides essential up-to-date information, training and technical assistance on the latest community health center challenges, providing professionals in the industry with cutting-edge strategies for community health center success.

The CHI EXPO is the largest NACHC Exhibit. Exhibitors participating in the CHI EXPO and sponsorships take advantage of one-of-a-kind networking and client relationship building opportunities providing our exhibiting companies with a vast return on investment.

Health centers and SRPCAs will have the opportunity to hear about issues such as:

• Outreach and enrollment
• Patient navigators
• Negotiating contracts with managed care plans and vendors
• Workforce (veterans, succession planning)
• Clinical workforce recruitment and retention
• PCMH recognition and accreditation
• Tele-behavioral Health
• Quality, compliance and sustainability

“I attended my first NACHC conference this past August and was particularly moved by the whole event. The height of my experience was hearing the history of Community Health Centers. Dr. Jack Gieger spoke of being the father of CHCs, originating out of Mound Bayou, MS. I immediately tuned a listening ear to his story because my husband of 25 years is from this small town and his dad and uncle often speak of the very health center Dr. Gieger spoke of starting along with uneducated to trained nurse Elsie Dorsey. My father-in-law knew Elsie all her life and taught her children in school. He told me a story of opening the library for her children to learn to read. He also speaks of Dr. Gieger coming to Shelby, MS and serving the health needs of the community, he also knew him very well. I had to share this story because I would love to let Dr. Gieger know that Mound Bayou is rebulding its health center and the community has never loss its mission. In all my years of being a nurse and having the passion of serving underserved communities, I have never quite understood my purpose for this deep yearning for community health. I can honestly say, it is this very experience of learning the same passion of others that line up with my hearts desire. I am the history of CHC’s and I vow to continue the serrvice to those who are the most vulnerable and need of these services. Thank You NACHC for all you do and will continue to do!” Wendy Williams RN, MSN, MPH, Morton Comprehensive Health Clinic