Grass­roots Advo­cacy Lead­er­ship Pro­gram

**Special Registration Required**

 Tues­day, March 15, 2016 12:00 PM — 6:30 PM

Health Cen­ters simul­ta­ne­ously encounter var­i­ous chal­lenges on the fed­eral, state, and local lev­els, and Health Cen­ter Advo­cacy has never been more impor­tant. The NACHC Grass­roots Advo­cacy Lead­er­ship Pro­gram is designed to pre­pare Health Cen­ter and pri­mary care asso­ci­a­tion (PCA) staff, board mem­bers, patients, and other Advo­cates with the knowl­edge and tools to be grass­roots advo­cacy lead­ers in their Health Cen­ters and com­mu­ni­ties. Email for more infor­ma­tion regard­ing this inten­sive train­ing and hands-on expe­ri­ence in all aspects of Health Cen­ter Advo­cacy.

The NACHC Grass­roots Advo­cacy Lead­er­ship Pro­gram (ALP), a six-month edu­ca­tion and skills build­ing pro­gram,  is designed to pro­vide inten­sive train­ing and hands-on expe­ri­ence in all aspects of health cen­ter grass­roots advo­cacy,  with the goal of cul­ti­vat­ing effec­tive, local Advo­cacy Lead­ers who will take home a new skill set and build their own  health cen­ter advo­cacy pow­er­house.

The NACHC ALP devel­ops skills rang­ing from basic advo­cacy strate­gies to the appli­ca­tion of social media in advo­cacy. It specif­i­cally tar­gets cur­rent health cen­ter advo­cates who would ben­e­fit  from enhanc­ing their advo­cacy skill set.

Pro­gram Com­po­nents:

• A half-day ses­sion using tar­geted case stud­ies, break­out ses­sions, and hands-on activ­i­ties which are facil­i­tated by  the NACHC Advo­cacy Team. This ses­sion includes: an advo­cacy overview, the legal restric­tions around health cen­ter advo­cacy, strate­gies for incor­po­rat­ing advo­cacy goals into health cen­ter and PCA oper­a­tions, and mul­ti­ple dis­cus­sions and break-out oppor­tu­ni­ties for best prac­tice shar­ing among par­tic­i­pants.

•  Atten­dance is required at a series of infor­ma­tional ses­sions as part of a spec­i­fied P&I edu­ca­tional track. Ses­sions  include: Moti­va­tions and Meth­ods for Engag­ing Health Cen­ter Spe­cial Pop­u­la­tions in Grass­roots Advo­cacy, Get­ting the Most out of National Health Cen­ter Week, and Har­ness­ing the Power of #Social­Net­work: One of the Most Effec­tive Advo­cacy Tools to Make Your Voice Heard.

•  “Vir­tual” atten­dance at seven webi­nars over the six months fol­low­ing the P&I Forum.

•  The final require­ment for com­ple­tion of the ALP is an indi­vid­ual selec­tion of:

- Local projects that include, but are not lim­ited to, orga­niz­ing a National Health Cen­ter Week event  (August 2014) or cre­at­ing a video describ­ing an effec­tive advo­cacy story.

–Devel­op­ment of an advo­cacy plan for the participant’s orga­ni­za­tion


 — Other activ­i­ties as dis­cussed with the NACHC Advo­cacy Team

Upon com­ple­tion of all com­po­nents of the pro­gram, par­tic­i­pants will be des­ig­nated and rec­og­nized as NACHC  Advo­cacy Lead­ers for their health cen­ters.


All pro­gram com­po­nents will be pre­sented and man­aged by mem­bers of the NACHC Advo­cacy Team. Each  par­tic­i­pant will be assigned an advi­sor from the team who will be avail­able for ongo­ing assis­tance.


The ALP is lim­ited to 30 par­tic­i­pants and is open only to health cen­ter staff, board mem­bers, patients, vol­un­teers,  and new PCA staff.